1) What is SingaporePromos ?

A. Singapore Promos is a lobang website that delivers daily promotions that we discover island wide(West, South, North, East), anywhere in Singapore that we can find for you guys to go shop around. Launched on 08/08/2022.

2) How many lobangs are we going to post daily ?

A. No specific number or any KPI we wish to hit, but we are looking into about 10 daily or more.

3) Will you guys put alot of ads and bombard the visitors

A. No, we are not going to put massive ads, instead we are aiming to put at least 2-3 on the platform to maintain the stability of the platform. Strictly no pop ups that pop in new window, or some creepy ads flying all over the place.

4) Is it free to register on our platform

A. Yes, we don't collect any registration fees from our users, you may register with your email, as well we don't send out emails to you, so don't worry about getting spammed by us. The email is used for password reset if you forgotten. Our users also get to enjoy to favorite a post they like into their reading list in their profile panel, update their profile picture, and more. 

5) Is there a light background on the website instead of dark ?

A. Yes, you may switch to light mode if you prefer light mode, there's an icon with a moon/sun icon on mobile bottom menu/for desktop its on top right corner. Please note that if you clear cache/cookies, it will switch back to default dark mode.

If you have more questions or bugs about the platform, let us know by dropping us a message : https://singaporepromos.com/contact

Any questions asked that we feel approriate and relevant when you guys ask, we will put in our FAQ as well.

We really hope you will enjoy your stay with singaporepromos and share with your colleagues/friends ~

Thanks & Enjoy